Danish Royal Visit to Japan


10 - 13 October 2017


Homepage and IT

Q: I do not receive the newsletter.
A: Please confirm that you are registered as a participant on the webpage and that your e-mail details have been entered correctly. If everything is in order, there is a possibility that the e-mail has been caught in your spam-filter. Please check your spam mailbox and consult with your IT department to ensure that further communications can reach you.

Q: How do you add or remove guest registration from events?
A: Please note that after August, 28th it will no longer be possible to edit the guests for the Luncheon and Dinner. Please contact Ms. Nanami Brandt, nanbra@um.dk, in case of cancellations or other issues that require a change after this date.

Q: I am certain that I registered participants for event ‘X’ but they do not seem to be registered?
A: Please make sure you press the ‘save’ button after entering new information. If, after having done this, the information still does not appear on your site, please contact somebody from the organising team.

Q: Should I register my guests names in English or Japanese?
A: For the guests, please register their names in English. Addresses can be put in Japanese and Japanese is preferred as invitations to the lunch and dinner will be sent out via physical mail.


Meeting area

Q: Can we exhibit products and what is the format for this?
A: We will have a ‘Meeting area’ just outside the seminar rooms where companies can participate with a company roll-up (please note, roll-ups need to adhere to the graphical profile and must be ordered via the homepage) and have access to a small table. These tables have a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 100 cm, and you can use this space to showcase products and/or pamphlets. As the measures indicate, the tables cannot be used for showcasing larger products. If you would like to order a roll-up for branding/marketing purposes, but do not see the need for your own table, please contact somebody from the organising team with this information.

Please see the notes on the “Design Lounge” for the specification on the design lounge exhibition. Please also note that Japanese law on marketing of medical and pharmaceutical products to the public applies to this event. This means that there are certain restrictions to how you can market your product. If in doubt, please contact the person in charge of your sector.

Q: When can we set-up our table in the meeting area?
A: The meeting area will be accessible from 08:00 in the morning on Oct. 11 and set-up can be done from then. Please note that registration of participants will start from 09:15 so set-up must be completed by then. If you need more time for set-up, please contact the person in charge of your sector to see what can be done.


Business Luncheon

Q: What is the dress code for the business luncheon?
A: “Business appropriate”; our recommendation is for the men to wear a necktie.


Grand Dinner

Q: Will the guests sit together with us?
A: Each table can fit ~10 participants. In case of less than 10 in total, you will share the table with other guests. In case of more than 10 participants, you might need to be split into several tables.

Q: What does “Dark Suit” for the gala dinner mean? Should I wear a smoking?
A: A dark business suit with neck- or bowtie is the appropriate outfit for male guests. Hence, no smoking needed.

Q: What does “Dark Suit” for the gala dinner mean for women?
A: Knee length - or longer - dress or skirt is the appropriate wear for female guests.


Health Track

Q: What kind of questions can be raised with the PMDA?
A: Any questions regarding policies and thoughts about policy changes for the future. Discussions on suitable pathways for devices/drugs based on overseas experience. What cannot be discussed are current products in registration and the process for those. The reason for this being that discussions need to follow PMDA’s general procedure and communication platforms. I.e. “Our medical device has been delayed now for 3 months and we keep getting requests for more technical documentation even though we provided this to you on several occasions, what is the problem?” would not be an appropriate question to raise in this forum.

Q: Can you provide more details on exactly what we will be doing in ‘X’ part of the program and who are the confirmed speakers for ‘X’ seminar?
A: At this point, many of the program points are still work in progress. We will update the program on the homepage regularly and keep you informed via the newsletter. For any urgent need, please contact the person in charge of the sector you are participating in.


Design Lounge & PR

Q: Who has been invited?
A: As for other parts of the programme, inviting guests is a joint responsibility between the embassy and the participating companies, who can upload names on the website for the specific events.

Q: Which PR persons have been invited?
A: The embassy has engaged with a local PR agency. If you have any specific requests for PR invites, please contact the embassy at: nanbra@um.dk


Business Reception at the Ambassador’s Residence

Q: Who will be there?
A: The embassy will invite relevant VIP officials and other relevant Japanese stakeholders. The reception will be quite intimate and an excellent opportunity to talk with Danish and Japanese VIPs in a relaxed informal setting.


Program - general questions

Q: Is the agenda fixed?
A: The agenda is generally fixed although time adjustments might still occur. Due to cancellations and other reasons outside of our control, speakers and participants are subject to change without prior notice.

Q: We would like to see a more detailed program to decide on internal participants.
A: More detail outlines of the various events will be released when ready. For an urgent need, please contact the sector responsible in charge. However, internal participant adjustments can be done at a later stage.

Q: We want to participate in some events more than two people. Is it possible and do we have to pay 3,000 DKK extra per participant?
A: In MySite you can register your participation for events. For most Events it is possible to participate with more than 2 persons. Extra costs do apply, but it depends on the number of events you have joined with extra participants.

Q: How will guests register their participation for the seminars?
A: We are working this and will announce the details in a newsletter when the programs in Japanese are available.



Q: We would like to make our own press release on our activities in conjunction with the Royal visit, is this allowed?
A: Yes, you are welcome to do your own press releases. However you need to wait until the formal press release from our side has been released in Japanese. When so happens you will receive information about it in a newsletter

Q: Which Japanese media will you invite to the events? Is it possible for us to invite our own media contacts?
A: We are working with a Japanese PR agency handling Press invitations. You are welcome to submit your press contacts and we will make sure that they are included in the media our partner will reach out to. Remember to clearly state, which event you want them to be invited to. Please send the list to nanbra@um.dk

Q: Is it acceptable to post pictures from the events on social media like Twitter, Facebook etc.?
A: Unless certain restrictions apply, it is acceptable to post pictures from the events on social media. For those few events, where restrictions apply,  we give out the guidelines on social media at the welcome briefing.

Q: What is the hashtag for the event?
A: The official hashtag for the event is #dkjp150.

Q: Can you send us the draft Press Release so we can prepare our own to be ready soon after?
A: Unfortunately we cannot release documents in draft format.