Danish Royal Visit to Japan


10 - 13 October 2017

Food & Agriculture

The "Agriculture & Food" sector focus will primarily be within quality food, beverages, and ingredients. There is a a growing interest in Japan for new food releated trends, with a higher demand for healthy food.

Japan is only 39 per cent self-sufficient

Japan is one of the world’s largest food importers due to a self-sufficiency rate of only 39 per cent. The annual food import is worth approximately DKK 425 Billion. From 2011-2015 the overall food import increased by 18 per cent.

Steady and high export of Danish food & agriculture

In 2016, the Danish export of goods to Japan amounted to DKK 14.5 Billion. This is a growth rate of almost 17 per cent compared to 2015. The food cluster is one of the largest export sectors. Within this group, there was a significant export increase of approximately 15 per cent in meat and dairy products in 2016.

Japan demands high food safety and quality

The Japanese consumers are known for their demand for high food safety and quality products. Japanese companies are actively looking for business cooperation with domestic and foreign companies that are leading in efficiency, sustainability and innovation.