Danish Royal Visit to Japan


10 - 13 October 2017


The health sector activities will primarily be within pharmaceuticals, medical devices, but also focus on welfare technologies, health services and e-health. Japan faces different challenges within the health sector, some where Danish companies have special competences.

Large market for pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Japan is the second largest market in the world for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With a large innovative life science industry, there are opportunities for Danish companies within this sector to engage in further collaborations to strengthen their presence on the Japanese market.

A growing elderly population

Japan is currently undergoing a demographic shift with a rapidly growing elderly population, ’The Silver Tsunami’, putting pressure on the healthcare system. Despite a high willingness to pay for advanced medical treatment there is a strong focus on health economics. Currently, the Japanese Government is working on transforming the existing healthcare system to accommodate a larger and older population with high and more complex healthcare needs. In addition to this, Japan is also revising its reimbursement system to implement a HTA (Health Technology Assessment) dimension.

Denmark is a leading country in healthcare

Japan considers Denmark a leading country in its ability to deliver high quality health services and products. By joining the delegation, you will get the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with policy makers and business partners in your field.